Combining Real Estate And Automation - Smart Homes Is The New Trend

Home Automation and Smart home technologies currently are a desired feature sought out by families looking to purchase a home.

What Was Real Estate Like In The Past?

If we flip the pages of history and look at real estate a few decades back, the scenario would be completely different. A home seeker would save up penny by penny to buy their first property. The house that they do end up buying would be one that was within their budget. They didn’t quibble over the flooring or location of the bath because owning a home was a luxury, and only a select few could afford it.

That changed when home loans and EMI came about. Real estate boomed across the nation. This impact was mainly seen in bigger cities such as the metropolis. The ability to take a loan made owning a home reachable for a significant chunk of tax-payers. This growth in demand led to a different change. Real estate developers began to experiment with their products.
More than just houses, they began to sell amenities and services.

The new home seeker wanted luxuries such as:
  • swimming pool
  • clubhouse
  • gymnasium
  • imported fittings,
  • Italian marble floor
  • video door phone
  • concierge service
Only when a property had these value-added services, did a purchaser even think of buying a home.

Home Automation Is Making It Big, Presently

A short time later, these amenities became a standard part of every property. They were not demanded but expected by the home buyer. This led to yet -another transformation. The prospective buyer now wanted something more. They desired a home that could be controlled through their smartphones. They wanted home automation system. Millennials, the young home purchasers of today, want to invest in properties that come equipped with home automation services. To them, the idea of being in total control of their dwelling no matter where they are is extremely lucrative. A smart home offer just that.
With the home automation and smart home consumers are welcoming more technology into their lives.

For instance:
  • It can control the entry door of the home.
  • It can alter what music is playing and at what volume.
  • Air conditioners and water heaters can be switched on and off through a single user interface.
  • Curtains can be opened or closed with a push of a button.
The reason home automation is making a big splash is not just because of the younger population. For senior citizens who live alone, technology has made life simpler and safer. For example:
  • Cameras and motion sensors allow live feeds and entry detection 24x7.
  • Devices that are configured to voice get medical and emergency assistance in a short span of time.
It is aspects like this that have made automated homes the newest trend in real estate. Real estate developers are not offering flats and independent houses that come fitted with automation devices.  These technological advancements are ensuring that homes take care of not only themselves but also the inhabitants. For more info on Home Automation, click here.

Beware Of Smart Home Pitfalls

It is easy to be taken in by the life of comfort smart homes provide. One is enchanted by all the aspects that can be controlled through automation. But like any new trend in any industry, there are some obstacles that need to be overcome. Therefore, before you go investing in real estate that is chock full of home automation gadgets, keep these tips in mind.
  • Do not overdo it. From lighting to motorised shades, from alarms to CCTV, from A/V devices to pool controls, there are endless aspects of a home that can be automated. And once you start, it becomes intoxicatingly hard to stop. So, think before you pick a home control system. Do not fill it to the brim.
  • Don’t scrimp on the interfaces. Wall acne, or the switches, knobs, and keypads that dot the walls of the homes can be unappealing. But restricting the number of them can be disadvantageous. You do not want to walk all the way to a single touch screen in the hallway when you want to switch on the light in your bedroom.
Be aware of these pitfalls and steer clear of them while investing in your smart home!