Buy Vs. Rent Options For Massage And Spa Centres – A Comprehensive Guide

Collage of various rooms in the Spa Centre which includes multiple Body massage rooms with beds, waiting Hall and finally the Reception Hall.

The Advantages Of Buying A Property For A Spa

Like every other small business, a spa owner has to weigh and balance the cost of offering a pampering experience to a customer and keeping their doors open. For most owners, it means deciding if they should buy a space or just rent one for their massage centre. The reason being that real estate is the heftiest financial burden on any business. Today, we look at some of the pros and cons of buying and renting a space to make the decision a bit more straightforward.

  • No need to move ever again.

The most significant advantage of buying your own property is that you have a secure and permanent place. You never have to worry about moving your spa to another location after the lease on the current one is up. It erases the tension of finding a new place, hammering out the contract for it and ensuring that all your clients know about the new location! When you buy land, it is all yours!

  • It is an investment.

Everyone knows that the best long-term investment a person can make is in a property. Therefore, when you buy a space for your spa, you have invested in land. The value of which will appreciate over time and as a result it will pay for itself in the future. Moreover, when you own the space, you can plan future expansions and tactics without any thought of asking permission from someone else! To know about starting a Spa business, check out here!

The Cons of Buying A Property For A Massage Centre

While the pros of buying a property are substantial, there are burdens of it too.

  • The start-up cost is substantial.

Buying a property means investing a lot of capital for which you need a capital backup, which is not possible for everyone. Already as the owner of the spa, you will be spending on equipment and other services offered by the centre, shelling out a big chunk for property may not be feasible. Also, do not forget about the compartmentalisation that will be required by the area to make private rooms. Those add to the cost too. In such instances, renting a space is not only economical but the better choice.
Beautiful view of Ayurvedic massage centre surrounded by tropical garden in Kerala, India, full of palms and different colorful flowers. Vacation and relaxing background.

  • The presence of competition.

If the space you are considering to buy already has other spas and massage parlours in the area, it will be a disadvantage to you. A smarter choice would be to rent in a location that has no competition. The spa market is already cutting-edge, situating your spa bang opposite to a competitor is not a financially sound decision. You will be continually trying to one-up your services from the other businesses in the area, which may take your focus away from vital elements like customer service!

Make Your Own Call On Buying Or Renting!

The final decision to either rent or buy a property to open a spa centre has to be personal. Each business owner has to weigh the pros and cons. For example, if you already own land, then you can open a massage centre in part of it and lease out the other portion. This will allow you to earn some rental income, which can be used to offset the costs associated with running a spa!

On the other hand, since renting is a bit lighter on the pocket, the money thus saved can be put to hire and train skilled and experienced staff. A spa is only as good as its technicians, therapists, and masseuse. Therefore, invest in them, and you will start getting referred to new clients from old, satisfied ones!

We understand that this dilemma to buy or rent a spa space is a prevalent one. We also appreciate that the choice made is a vital one. Therefore, we urge you to consider the plethora of aspects, carefully and thoroughly, before making the final call.

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